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About Us

Headquartered in Guangzhou, the most economically and centrally-developed city in southern China, Yishan is a professional accessory company that operates Isuzu (Jiangling, Qingling), Mazda, Honda, and Toyota, Ford and other models in 2016.

Founded in 1999, Yishan Company has been developed by the company's board of directors and all employees for many years. It has become a high-profile and well-known Yishan enterprise in the industry. From the initial three individuals, it has grown to more than 800 employees. Large auto parts trading company. With the mission of “becoming China's excellent channel supplier of auto parts parts”, the company takes “customer first, honesty and dedication, common development, revitalizing a mountain” as the slogan, advocating honesty and honest work, and striving to provide customers with high quality. Work hard and strive for quality service.

The company's senior leaders take the scientific and humanized management model as the guiding ideology, optimize the internal organizational structure, integrate resources, continuously optimize the internal deposit and discharge management system, strengthen the direct store chain management, and face the vast suppliers with a new look. With customers and friends, and the industry's unanimous recognition and praise.

As of August 2017, Yishan Enterprise has 13 branches, namely: Tongtong Company, Yishanmen City, Dayimen City, Yikai Auto Parts Trading Co., Bohaimen City, Dongguan Branch, Foshan Branch, Nanchang Yishun Branch, foreign trade Yihong Company, Beijing Yijing Branch, Maoming Yihe Branch, Hangzhou Branch. Each branch has a clear target, independent operation and independent accounting, which together constitute a strong marketing network of Yishan Enterprise. The head office has a large-scale parts warehouse of more than 80,000 square meters and a well-equipped foreign trade exhibition hall. The huge throughput can meet the product needs of customers.

The board of directors consists of: Marketing Center (Isuzu Department, Mazda Department, Honda Department, Toyota Department, Ford Department, Foreign Trade Department), Supplier Management Center (Product Development Department, Product Purchasing Department), and Subsidiary Management Center (8 direct operations) The store, the warehouse management center, the administrative management center, the finance department and other departments, through the ERP management system, achieve a benign and balanced scientific management. At the same time, the company is equipped with more than 30 delivery vehicles, using modern logistics management knowledge, providing a strong logistics support for sales and after-sales service.

At present, the sales network of Yishan Enterprise has covered the whole country and exported to more than 60 countries and regions abroad. Through telephone, QQ, Email, mall platform, on-site delivery, etc., it has established good faith and friendly cooperation with domestic and foreign customers. relationship.

With the continuous growth of Yishan enterprises, through the strong cooperation with Alibaba and HC Network, the domestic and international e-commerce market has been expanded, and staged results have been achieved. Thanks to the support of our customers, our company has become the leader in the industry in the professional operation of Isuzu, Mazda and Honda series accessories, and has also been awarded the qualifications of exclusive agents and distributors by many manufacturers. Such as Isuzu (Japan), Delphi Trading (Shanghai) Co., Ltd., Mazda (Japan), Jiangling Group Management Co., Ltd., Jiangxi Jiangling Group Shenling Auto Parts Co., Ltd., Jiangling Chassis Co., Ltd., Yantai Wansite Co., Ltd., Jiangxi Isuzu Engine Co., Ltd., Federal-Mogul (China) Co., Ltd., Chengdu Huachuan Denso Co., Ltd., Tenneco (China) Co., Ltd., Nanyang Haofan Automobile Shock Absorber Co., Ltd., Suichuan Automobile Shock Absorber Factory, Ai Sidi (Guangzhou) Drive Systems Co., Ltd., Zhejiang Wanxiang System Co., Ltd. Hangzhou Branch, Jinzhou Wande Automotive Technology Co., Ltd., Zhejiang Wanxiang System Co., Ltd. Hangzhou Branch, Guangzhou Chetian Trading Co., Ltd., Schaeffler (Shanghai) Trade Co., Ltd., DENSO Denso (China) Investment Co., Ltd., TRW Steering System South China General Agent, Yizheng Shuanghuan Piston Ring Co., Ltd., Plain Filter Co., Ltd., Ningbo Yulong Automobile Pump Co., Ltd., Ningbo Shenglong Automobile Power System Co., Ltd., Quanzhou Shuangta, Hangzhou Bearing Company, Changzhou Lianshun Auto Parts Factory, Chengdu Jiuding Technology (Group) Co., Ltd., Dongguan Yanzhi Auto Parts Co., Ltd. (TBK Water Pump Series Authorized Continental Producer), Nanjing Weifu Jinning Co., Ltd., Kangnaike Automotive Technology (Shanghai) Co., Ltd., Nangong City Jingqiang Connecting Rod Factory, Anhui Zhongding Group Co., Ltd. After-sales Brand Operation Center, Huzhou Shenhu Motor Manufacturing Co., Ltd., Wuxi Huishan Pump Factory and other hundreds of well-known manufacturers. In addition, the “CHUAN AO” brand and the “CHM” brand national distributor are now recruiting regional agents nationwide.

In 2015, the domestic economy continued to slump and the growth rate slowed down, affecting the development of all walks of life. Most enterprises also faced the adverse effects of oversupply, just need to reduce, and operating costs continued to increase.

In such a tough environment, the sales of accessories have maintained a good growth. The overall sales of the company has increased by 13.5% year-on-year, of which Isuzu has increased by 5%, Mazda has increased by 31%, and Honda has increased by 23%. Foreign trade is in a very bad market. In the big environment, the overall situation was the same as last year.

At the same time, in 2015, the total purchase volume of Yishan Company increased by 12% compared with 2014, and 34 new agents and distribution supporting brands were added, and the supporting products accounted for more than 55% of the total purchase volume.

2015 is also the second year of the strategic reform of Yishan Enterprise. The Nanchang Central Warehouse was officially put into operation in August. In September, the Ford Department and the Toyota (Domestic) project were established in October to allow the company's models to develop horizontally;

After a year and a half of preparation, Yishan Auto Parts Mall ( was officially launched in August, achieving a breakthrough in sales volume from 0 to 3 million.

At the same time, in 2015, the Foreign Trade Department of Yishan Enterprise added two foreign employees in South America and Africa to realize the localization of foreign trade employees and accelerate the penetration into the global auto parts trade market.

Years havetily, and Huanhua has passed away. From 1999 to 2019, Yishan Enterprise has gone through a total of 19 years, and has worked hard for 19 years to develop steadily; 19 years has been relentlessly pursuing dreams. After 18 years of hard work, it has finally created a well-known mountain enterprise.

According to internal human resources statistics, there are 97 employees in the Yashan enterprise with more than 7 years of service and more than 221 employees with 4 years of service or above. Among them, the company has two internal integrations, and the current working couples who have entered the marriage hall have a total of 35 pairs, the specific number is still increasing.

Don't forget, don't forget! "Common development, revitalizing a mountain" is the commitment of Yishan Enterprise to employees!

In the past 19 years, nearly 100 employees have gone from warehouse managers to salesmen to management. Every employee who has made outstanding contributions on the platform of the company has gained material wealth, career success and family happiness through the platform of Yishan Enterprise. . In 2016, Yishan Enterprise was preparing to implement share reform, leading 550 internal employees and starting to move toward greater success.

“Business and win-win” is the long-term business philosophy of Yishan Enterprise. Yishan Enterprise will continue to expand and consolidate its marketing platform, and is committed to working with suppliers, distributors and internal employees for the long-term win-win situation. ,Create a better future.




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